This is an archive of the audio of the previous gigs.

As a disclaimer, the quality of the audio is not very good. This music is being presented more for reference purposes so that anyone interested can hear what they might have missed and/or the sort of music they can expect to hear at the gigs.

PP1 – 22nd January 2013

Leo Abrahams (guitar), Tom Rogerson (piano/keyboards), Chris Vatalaro (drums/voice).

PP2 – 12th March 2013

Adam Betts (drums), Matthew Bourne (piano/ipad), Tom Rogerson (piano/synths), Chris Sharkey (guitar/Kaoss pad.)

PP3 – 27th May 2013

Wrangler – Benge (synths/drum machine), Stephen Mallinder (vocals, effects) Phil Winter (synths/sequencer) + Tom Rogerson (piano/synths.)

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