This night comes out of a few frustrated years looking for gigs to do unusual music and getting the same quizzical looks and/or unsupportive grunts from promoters.

So instead I have decided to do it myself as an excuse to perform without having to worry about hustling/justifying/describing/selling the gig.

The intention is to put on all the bands, acts, people who I know and revere who have had a similarly tough time finding the right gig for their particular project. I’m especially targeting those who said, ‘I’ve got a great idea for a project but I don’t know how to get it started.’

Initially, it’ll probably focus on a few of the things that I’m interested in myself, namely how to combine electronic and live performance, and how to combine improvised and written material. But I don’t want it to be exclusively about any of those things: it’d be good to avoid being tagged as any particular kind of night.

The ‘tag’, such as there is, at first, is likely to be some sort of undiscussed aesthetic that the performers will all have in common, and the fact that we’re all linked by being friends and colleagues lost in the murky depths of the London alternative music scene.

Tom Rogerson

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