PROOF POSITIVE 15 – Monday 24th June 2019


Talvin Singh is a celebrated composer and performer. He came to prominence in the 90s as a renowned tabla player and producer, collaborating with Siouxsie and the Banshees and Bjork, before releasing his debut solo album OK in 1998 which won the Mercury Music Prize. Since then he has collaborated with numerous artists, including David Sylvian and Madonna, and has scored multiple film, dance, theatre and installation works. He also continues to perform tabla in the Indian classical style.

For this performance, Talvin will be performing his piece ‘Light’ (for tabla, Indian flute, and piano) as well as performing a mix of tabla and electronic pieces.

Tom Rogerson will open the gig on piano before the other instruments join. The gig is expected to take place without a break.

We’re in the usual place – Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston from 8pm.